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About Lobito Corridor Investment Promotion Authority

The Lobito Corridor Investment Promotion Authority ("LCIPA" or "the IPA") is a permanent multi-stakeholder engagement agency tasked to link all public and private entities interested in advancing and participating in the Lobito Corridor (the "Corridor"). Its main goals are to maximize and promote trade, investment, and economic integration among and between the three African nations of Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia. 

The concept of the IPA was birthed in 2023 by a group of experienced African experts with decades of experience doing business, promoting trade, and advising governments, DFIs, and multinationals operating in Africa. It is presently owned by Lerna Group LLC (, the owner of several public-facing media platforms focused on investing and doing business in the emerging markets. 

Lobito Intro Report

The Mission & Function

Understanding that the Private Sector shall be the main source of capital financing to stimulate the Lobito Corridor’s potential, the Lobito Corridor Investment Promotion Authority (“IPA” or “LCIPA”) envisions an open and efficient market in the geographical and sectoral reach of the corridor, by realizing the following as its mission to promote:


  1. An open and competitive economy through significant and longstanding private sector capital investments in the Corridor,

  2. A market-friendly multilateral treaties environment among participating nations housing the Lobito Corridor,

  3. A modernized and effective infrastructure, through road, rail, and air, to connect all ports and border posts of the Lobito Corridor, and

  4. Maximized social welfare along the Corridor, with active citizenry at the center of all economic activities in the region.

As such, the LCIPA shall act as a tool and mechanism towards the aforementioned mission by performing the following functions:


  1. Serve as a primary information highway for education and familiarization with the history and state of the Lobito Corridor,

  2. Identify and explore existing and yet to be realized sectors viable for economic activity along the Corridor,

  3. Foster Public-Private Partnerships ("PPPs") in service to stimulate economic activity in the Lobito Corridor at national and bilateral levels,

  4. Engage and partner with regional bodies whose role is treaty formulation and ratification in service to the Lobito Corridor, and

  5. Provide advisory and policy analysis into the harmonization of legislation and trade culture for participants of the Lobito Corridor.


Lobito Corridor IPA's

Patson Malisa

Director General

Lobito Corridor Investment Promotion Authority

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Prior to being appointed the Director General of the Lobito Corridor Investment Promotion Authority, Mr. Patson Malisa was a Diplomat and Development Executive. He has previously served in leadership roles in local, regional and international organisations over the course of his career. 
Mr. Malisa served two terms as Deputy Presiding Officer of the African Union’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council ("ECOSOCC"), the youngest to be elected to the position. He was also Secretary and Head of Strategic Planning and Partnerships for the Infrastructure and Energy Cluster of the same organ.
He has experience as President of the Organisation of African Youth, Chairman for South Africa at the International Youth Council, and the Vice President of the United Nations Association of South Africa ("UNASA"). 
He has also served on the Civil Society Steering Group, and as a member of the Investors Group of the Global Finance Facility where he was responsible for the production and inception of the Global Youth Engagement Strategy.
Mr. Malisa completed undergraduate studies in Public Accountability & Administration at Stellenbosch University, along with earning a Micromasters program credential in Data, Economics & Design of Policy: International Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT").
He was featured in the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans list of 2015 in the Politics and Governance category.

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Lobito Corridor IPA's

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John P. Causey, IV


Board of Advisors to the Lobito Corridor IPA

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John is an experienced emerging market financier, businessman, attorney, and advisor with twenty-two years of professional experience, mostly in the emerging markets. His interest in emerging markets began as a Peace Corps volunteer on the Cameroon-Nigeria border. An American by birth, John has lived in several countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.


In 2012, John focused his career on emerging markets, leaving Morgan Stanley to earn a Master's in Finance from the University of Cape Town. His thesis on syndicated private equity transactions in Africa earned a distinction.

John has advised on over $500 million in projects across sectors like media, technology, and mining, and facilitated $4.6 million in seed capital for tech start-ups in Africa. He has also led the development of four commercial real estate projects totaling 695,000 ft², with costs of $123 million. Three of the projects were grocery-anchored shopping malls, and the fourth the Standard Chartered Bank head office for Zambia. The projects were equity-funded through a private equity vehicle which had mostly pension fund LPs. The debt for the real estate projects came from regional banks, the IFC, and the OPEC Fund for International Development.

In 2023, he formed Lerna Group LLC, a holding company of digital media assets targeting to inform an audience of investors and business persons interested in the emerging markets. 

John holds a certificate from MIT in Commercial Real Estate Finance and Development, a Master's in Finance from the University of Cape Town, an MBA, a Bachelor's in Psychology, and a law degree. He is licensed to practice law in two U.S. states.

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